Monday, February 27, 2012

The Big Announcement

So. This is always the most awkward part. Awkward for the physician to notify the patient, awkward for the patient to notify their friends and family. The Big Announcement must be made. But how should it be done?  A dramatic speech? A witty sarcasm? A simple, "GUESS WHAT? I HAVE CANCER!"

Well... this is my way. A little blog spot, I suppose.  Many people already know, but I have begun to run into people who do not, and it is always an unusual exchange. Do I bring it up?  If I do bring it up, how will they react? If I don't bring it up, will they be upset if they later discover my condition?

So, my BIG ANNOUNCEMENT is made. Yes, I have been diagnosed with cancer. It is a quite rare breed (would you expect me to have normal cancer?) and not many people have ever heard of it. The name of my lovely companion is Chondrosarcoma. It's a cancer of cartilagenous tissue (bone, generally speaking). The people who have this guest in their bodies usually entertain it in long bones or their sternum or pelvis. I, of course, had to be different. My Chondrosarcoma lives in the base of my skull, near my brain stem.

My very competent team of physicians (yes, I have a team of around 8 or 10) believe that my tumor has been discovered at a very convenient time. It is classified as a "Low Grade Tumor" (the only time I have been quite satisfied at a low grade in anything), and we are all hopeful that there is the potential that I may be cured!

My special cancer will obviously require a special treatment. One that I will likely go to either Jacksonville, FL, or Houston (M D Anderson Clinic) in order to obtain. I must wait a period of time to heal from the special BRAIN SURGERY I just had a few weeks ago before I can begin this thearpy.

Anyway, there it is. Out there in cyberspace for anyone to see. If you'd like to follow me on my journey through Cancerland, stay tuned.

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